24 Jul Blue Light

what is Blue Light?

Visible light (or sunlight) is made up of different wavelengths of light – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light. Blue rays are the shorter wavelengths and have more energy, whereas the red rays are longer and have less energy.

Blue light (a high energy visible light) is emitted from LCD and LED computer and television screens, smart phones, tablets and GPS devices. Blue light is natural and present in daylight – it helps us to stay awake. When your eyes are over exposed to Blue light it can cause eye strain, eye fatigue and sleeplessness.

How does Blue Light affect your eyes?

Most blue light passes through the cornea and reaches the retina at the back of your eye. Too much blue light can age your eyes prematurely and can cause Digital Eye Strain & Damage to the Retina.


Digital Eye Strain Symptoms:

– Tired, burning, itching eyes

– Light sensiivity

– Glare or halos around objects

– Fluctuating vision, worsening eyesight

– Blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing

– Headaches

– Dry eyes, excessive blinking

– Neck/shoulder/back pain or body fatigue


Retinal Damage

Retinal cells can get damaged over time leading to Macular Degeneration which can lead to permanent vision loss.


How can you protect your eyes from Blue light?

Hoya Hill Optics has created a lens that blocks out blue light when working on digital devices. BlueControl blocks blue light emitted from digital screens preventing eye strain and fatigue – your eyes feel more relaxed and your vision is improved! View more information here.

Hoya’s BlueControl lens uses Hi Vision LongLife (HVLL) technology:

HVLL is the hardest anti-reflection coating on the market today with a 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects!

Scratch resistant – You no longer need to worry about scratches with this scratch resistant layer.

Anti-reflective – The Anti-reflection coating allows light to pass through the lens improving the quality of vision and allowing your eyes to be more visible.

Water Repellent – Water drops just roll off your lens surface because of the minimal grip of the top layer.

Dirt Repellent – Dirt and grease wipe off easily because of the coating’s easy-to-clean properties.

Anti-static  An anti-static layer prevents dust adhering to the surface, ensuring clear vision. You also don’t have to clean your lenses as often.






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