13 Sep Bono & his sunglasses

Bono is sunglasses. Show a person who doesn’t even know U2’s music (What the heck?) and they’ll probably say, “Oh, yes, that rockstar with the glasses. Doesn’t he wear Armani?” Actually, Bono reportedly prefers Bulgari, but people overlook the brand, thinking the B on the temple stands for BONO rather than the brand itself.

Bono confesses, that while there is vanity involved in his beloved sunglasses, there is method to his madness. His eyes are sensitive to light. As a famous rock star who’s constantly getting photographed, the flash of the camera can often affect his vision for the rest of the day and even cause redness of the eye. He also says that allergens, like red wine, can also cause redness and he has been called “ol’ red eyes” by a British magazine. So it’s part vanity, part privacy and part sensitivity, Bono says.

As far as the actual glasses are concerned we’ve found it to be somewhat of a phenomenon, with Facebook pages dedicated to the sheer volume of styles and brands dedicated to the persona of BONO (who is Paul Hewson).

And we say, “Why not?” Is that not what fashion is? Taking a necessary clothing item or accessory and turning it into a creative trend.



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