24 Jul Blue Light

what is Blue Light? Visible light (or sunlight) is made up of different wavelengths of light - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light. Blue rays are the shorter wavelengths and have more energy, whereas the red rays are longer and have less energy. Blue...

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06 Jul HVLL coating – best in the world!

Hi Vision LongLife (by Hoya Hill) (HVLL) HVLL is the hardest anti-reflection coating on the market today with a 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects! Scratch resistant - You no longer need to worry about scratches with this scratch resistant layer. Anti-reflective - The Anti-reflection coating allows light to pass through...

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06 Feb Eye Floaters

Do you sometimes see something floating across your field of view when you are looking at a uniform bright background (usually the sky, snow or a computer screen)? Muscae Volitantes (Latin for "flying fly") and the Blue Field Emtoptic Phenomenon are the scientific names  for...

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12 Aug Dry eyes

Dry eye occurs when the normal tear film is disrupted leading to insufficient moisture and lubrication of the eye’s surface [2]. It can be caused by the following: Decreased tear production. [1] Excessive tear evaporation due to reduced blinking when you are concentrating on something (computer...

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15 Apr Vision Screening

At Rita Walls Optometrist we do free vision screening. This includes tests such as visual acuity, visual fields, stereopsis, colour vision, tonometry (glaucoma) and ophthalmoscopy. If you are a member of Discovery Medical Aid you can get 2500 Vitality points if you come for a Glaucoma...

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