Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Tests

We offer a thorough eye test which includes a refraction (getting your prescription), checking the health of your eyes (slit lamp, fundoscopy & tonometry). We set aside 60 minutes for each of our clients so that we can make sure your prescription is clear & comfortable!


Drivers Screening

Book your 15 minute consultation with us. We will give you a certificate for the traffic department.

Glaucoma Screening

Book your FREE 15 minute consultation with us. Get your DISCOVERY GLAUCOMA SCREENING POINTS.

Repairs & Alignments

Bring your glasses in if they need an adjustment or repair & we can see if we can fix them for you.

We can also give your glasses a service (new nose pads & temples, as well as a good clean) so that they feel almost as good as new!

Spectacle Lenses

We use Hoya Optics Lenses who use cutting edge technology & offer a unique product range.

Hoya offers the World’s most durable anti-reflection coating as well as 100% personalised multifocal lenses which we offer in-store.

Contact Lenses

If you would like to try contact lenses, once we have established your prescription, we offer a contact lens instruction where you get a free pair of trial contact lenses to try out before ordering boxes.

* We can order your prescription contact lenses with a prescription that is less than 12 months old.

Price Match Promise

 If you get a cheaper quote from another Optometrist we will try our best to match / beat the price.

* we will do a price match of the same product. We prefer to use Hoya lenses because they use some of the latest technology in Optics and offer the best quality coatings.

* a full quote (less than a month old) from an Optometrist must be sent to us.